Where to Buy Paper Straws in a Store

where to buy paper strawsPaper straws are the hottest idea for eco-friendly, non-plastic straw options; where to buy paper straws is the question. If you’re planning a holiday celebration, having a special birthday party, or just want to encourage the kids to use a plastic straw alternative, Green Planet Straws has a wide variety of biodegradable drinking straws that are durable, fun, and colorful.

These non-plastic, fun paper straws are so strong, you can think of them as cardboard straws!

Green Planet Straws Has a Paper Straw for Everyone

Sturdy, colorful, environmentally friendly, these paper straws are expertly crafted so that you can sip your drink without worrying about your straw collapsing.  In fact, these paper straws are so durable, you can rinse them out and reuse them several times. Green Planet Straws has gone through great lengths to construct a straw that feels nice between your fingers, looks great, and functions superbly.

Boxed Paper Straws

Attenwhere to buy paper strawstion, retailers! Green Planet Straws has a beautiful variety of prepacked boxed paper straws in varying sizes ready to be displayed in your retail store, including physical retail locations and e-commerce outlets. Sizes vary in width and length; colors are plentiful!

  • Paper party straws
  • Christmas paper straws
  • Candy stripe straws
  • Blue striped paper straws
  • Long paper straws
  • Wide or large paper straws
  • Red and white striped straws
  • Rainbow paper straws
  • Green paper straws
  • and much more

Made of durable FSC-certified paper, which is 100% compostable—and free from beeswax—these eco-friendly paper drinking straws come in beautiful colors and sizes, packaged in recycled paper boxes. Many retail and online locations already carry Green Planet Straws. Simply contact us to learn how and where to buy paper straws in the store.

Happy Sipping!

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